Panera Bread Analysis Essay

Panera Bread is a fast nutrient eating house where many people go to eat a quick. make fulling repast. Panera entreaties to most people because of the sum of options it offers. which makes it hard to be dissatisfied. After taking nutrients to utilize on our good twenty-four hours and our bad twenty-four hours. we instantly noticed several differences. For breakfast on the bad twenty-four hours we chose a pecan axial rotation ; while on the good twenty-four hours we chose a whole grain beigel with decreased fat roasted vegetable pick cheese. The first thing we saw was that the pecan axial rotation was much higher non merely in Calories. but Calories from fat. entire fat. saturated fat. cholesterin. Na. and sugars. At the same clip nevertheless. the dietetic fibre and protein. indispensable foods. were much lower in the pecan axial rotation. The picks of drinks in the forenoon besides have a great difference between them. The Pumpkin Spice Latte contains 78 % more Calories than the Hot Coffee.

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For tiffin on a bad twenty-four hours. the big Mac N’ Cheese would be a perfect pick. This repast entirely has 980 Calories. As if merely the repast was non bad plenty. Panera offers a side to travel with it. For the side of this repast. we chose the Gallic baguette. For the good twenty-four hours we decided that the Classic Salad would be the best pick. It has minimum Calories and a great supply of several different foods. The side that we thought would outdo tantrum this repast is an apple. A drink that would travel with the bad twenty-four hours for the tiffin repast is a frozen caramel frozen drink. Shockingly. the sum of Calories in this drink is more than the sum of Calories in our full breakfast on our good twenty-four hours.

Dinner for the bad twenty-four hours at Panera Bread would be steak and white Cheddar hot Panini. It contains about half the sum of kcals the mean individual should devour in one twenty-four hours! In add-on to those 1. 000 Calories we chose a side of a bag of Panera’s’ kettle french friess. For the good twenty-four hours dinner. we chose a “You Pick Two” . the repasts being half of a tuna sandwich on honey wheat and a cup of low-fat garden vegetable soup. The side for the “You Pick Two” would be a Anethum graveolens pickle that has 5 kcals. The drinks for these two repasts would be a big lemonade on the bad twenty-four hours. and a tropical hibiscus flavored iced herbal tea on the good twenty-four hours. If you wanted to hold a sweet at the terminal of both yearss. the bear claw pastry would be a great pick for the bad twenty-four hours. while the cinnamon java crumb bar would work the best for the good twenty-four hours.

What we learned from making this undertaking is that even though Panera Bread comes off as slightly healthy for fast nutrient. it can be truly unhealthy for you depending on what you pick. The repasts that we chose for the bad twenty-four hours were so high in Calories and Na that we both will ne’er see these repasts as an option once more. An illustration of this was the Mac N’ Cheese. If you order a big. you are devouring 2470 milligram of Na. which is more than the suggested sum you are supposed to devour in one twenty-four hours and it is merely one repast. At the same clip. you are merely taking in 3 gms of dietetic fibres. The steak and white Cheddar Panini was really similar in this manner. perfectly no knock for your vaulting horse! On the other manus. we learned that Panera could be slightly healthy on what you pick.

For illustration. the “You Pick Two” was non an overall bad pick. It was merely a tuna salad sandwich with garden vegetable soup and the kcals and cholesterin was non excessively high. The lone thing that was high. yet non excessively flooring. was the Na in the soup. The authoritative salad was besides something that was surprising healthy. even with the dressing on it. It was merely 170 kcals with no cholesterin or Na. On the good twenty-four hours. you would devour about 1200 kcals in entire. In comparing. one repast of the bad twenty-four hours consisted of this many kcals.

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